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It's hard to think of a word more charged with meaning—or meanings—than "life." Whether we're talking about when life begins or when it ends, the sanctity of life, or the danger of playing God, we all have an idea of what we mean when we talk about life. Yet, it often turns out, we actually mean different things. But it is very clear that the purpose of our life is to seek happiness.

Yap Yin Restaurant & Bak Kut Teh

Yap Yin Restaurant & Bak Kut Teh
No. 1231 , Jalan Sekolah 43300 Seri Kembangan
Seri Kembangan Selangor
Tel : 03-89435426

Taste 7
Ambience 4
Service 5
Wait Time 15 mins
Seating Time Ample
Price RM15.00 per person
Cleanliness 4
Parking Easy-lah but Dangerous
Table Comfort 4
Enjoyment 7


Serdang is a small town but... it has quite a few good Chinese restaurants. The food is generally inexpensive and delicious as well. Yap Yin serve really good Sang Yu ( Haruan - RM22.00). Once served, you will observe that the fish flesh had been expertly 'half fillet' out for easy consumption. The way they cut it is really nice as they sliced it according to the texture of the flesh. You have to see this by yourself. Its quite fascinating actually. The Sang Yu was steamed with lots of kicap sauce. The flesh is really sweet so it goes will with some kicap.

Another specialty here is their "Lat Chi Tong" ( RM12.00), its really "Chi Kut Teh" with cili padi added into it. Hmm the soup really sears the throat. Its spicy "Chi Kut Teh" as I see it. Herbal flavors pervade the whole soup. They use kampung chicken for this soup which accounts for the fact that it being a bit expensive. We also tried their pig trotters (RM6.00) which was quite fat and meaty. That made me quite full. After the hearty meal, staying awake was obviously quite a challenge. I didn't eat dinner that day as well.

Just a reminder, everybody parks haphazardly along the Yap Yin road in Seri Kembangan. They double park as who care... park anywhere you find got space.◦


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